We Take Special Care

Recover Seats fit sand bottles and new key switch

Serviced golf cart

Bad Dirty Battery

Bad Battery Cables

Add drink holders, Sand Bottles and BDI

Service and Fix speed

V Glide Excellerator Replace

Replace Wheel studs and Nuts

Fix Windshield brake and lights

Fix Controller and Recover Seats

Fit new Batteries and Cables

Redoing the seats

Recovering seats

Repair Controller

Repair Motor

Fit new Batteries and fixed Accelerator

Refurbished Ambulance

Repaired Brake drums that were stuck.

Repair Controller

Installed New Controller in Golf cart

Fit Battery and Full Service

Fit new Tyres and fix the wiring

Fit New Battery

Leave springs lift the Cart higher

Lights at the back

New colour fit new leave springs and lights

Full Service

Rewire and new lights

Fit new Batteries and Cables

Replace Igniter, Coil and serviced.

Find out what Hanel Golf Carts can do for you.